Belt Lipectomy After Weight Loss in Athens

Belt Lipectomy Overview

A Belt Lipectomy or Circumferential Body Lift is a surgery designed to remove the excess skin, fat and tissue around your hips and waistline in a “belt” distribution. The width of the “belt” of tissue to be removed is dependent on the amount of extra skin and fat a person has around the waistline. Patients who benefit the most from this operation are those who have had substantial weight loss either from gastric bypass surgery or diet and exercise. This procedure provides dramatic and substantial improvement to the abdomen, hips and back areas.


Designed to remove the “belt” of excess skin, fat and tissue – usually following massive weight loss – from around the hips and waistline.


4-6 hours




Drains out: 2-3 weeks
Back to work: 2-3 weeks
More strenuous activity: 4 to 6 weeks or more

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