Wow. I can not tell you How happy I truly was after my appointment with doctor Parker. Doctor Parker was my 26th plastic surgery Consultation. I really want to give a full and detailed account of my visit with him this past Thursday. A little back story I have lost 200 pounds and was looking to get a breast lift silicone implants and a tummy tuck. I arrived at the location beautiful office very friendly reception that told me her name, Freida, and asked how I was, As well as indicating where the restrooms and refreshments were. When I was called back I met Shawna, very sweet, helpful and was the one that would help me look at implant sizes and go over my paper work and really feels like a friend there to help you through everything. After going through my initial paperwork she informed me that doctor parker Will come in and discuss what I want, answer any questions I have and then after that I would change into a robe and he would see what I look like. I would say in my experience this is rare a lot of times I’ve been taken to a Room told a change into a robe the doctor would come in and look at me while we talked about these things it was nice to meet them by the with my clothes on and discuss everything without the Distraction of being half naked. I would say I’ve done a lot of research even with different surgical techniques in the field of breast implants and tummy tucks and discussed his techniques with him just so I knew how he did things. He was very comfortable with answering all my questions and very knowledgeable about everything I wanted to know he didnt seem to be rushed or bothered about me asking things that might not always come up. He spent a lot of time with me discussing procedures and the results I wanted. He excused himself wile I changed into a robe, we did our exam I explained to him what I wanted and he led me down the path of the way I could get these results. At the end of the exam I choked up a little and almost cried because I was very happy with his approach and manners and knew this was the doctor that was going to change my life. He excused himself and me and Shawna started To look at the size of implants I wanted. I would have to say out of all the doctors I’ve been to they might of had 4 or 5 sizes at the other offices. here? they had every size up to 800 Cc’s in every profile drawers and drawers full of implants! I was very impressed they gave me a sports bar to put on and she helped me put in the different sizes I wanted and we looked in the mirror together to find the right size. she was very patient kind was like a friend I’ve had for years helping me make a decision that was going to change my life and I couldn’t have been happier during the experience! It all felt right! I had a been considering botox for a while and after the amazing visit I was having I asked her if they did botox in the office which she said doctor Parker himself does the injections. She told me that she could have him come in talk how much it would be and what would be done. I’m terrified of needles which is why I had yet to try it but if I was going to trust this man to cut me open and put me to sleep I should be able to trust them with a little needle. So I ended up being able to have it done before leaving. Also amazing again he was kind and sweet. It didn’t hurt at all and I’m very happy with the choice to do it. To sum it up I wanted to write a detailed account of my visit because there’s a lot of places to go but it has to be the right place for you it has to give you that feeling when you’re there that this is it and for me doctor Parker and his staff checked all those boxes and I feel more comfortable and confident than ever to go through with these Procedures with him. I can’t wait to share my results with everybody!