Genetics may decide the features we are born with, but medical science offers us an effective way to make alterations. A talented board-certified plastic surgeon can give patients the face and body they desire should they be unhappy about their appearance.

One such procedure is a belt lipectomy, also known as lower-body lift. A lower-body lift is a surgical procedure that redefines the patient’s lower body, which includes the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and hips. The primary target of a belt lipectomy is loose skin and fat around the waistline. It is generally performed following a weight-loss surgery.

Why Is There Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

While skin can effectively stretch to accommodate increased weight, it often has trouble shrinking back down after weight loss. Part of the aging process is loss of skin elasticity, and without proper elasticity, stretched skin can’t shrink down.

After people undergo a radical body transformation to get back in shape, loose skin is the primary enemy. It can hide the body’s new shape after weight loss, making weight-loss results hard to see. While fat loss can be measured on the scale, body shape can only be seen when the skin is tight.

The solution in such a situation is to go under the knife and snip off the excessive skin. This can be achieved with a body lift.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Lipectomy?

Those who have reached their weight goals but are unhappy with the sagging skin hanging from their belly will benefit from a belt lipectomy.

The excess loose skin must be noticeable – a small amount of skin won’t require surgical intervention. At the same time, if the loose skin is causing rashes, interfering with body hygiene, or affecting daily functioning, it is highly recommended that you go under the knife.

What to Expect from a Belt-Lipectomy Procedure

The patient is first administered general anesthesia to sedate them during the entirety of the belt-lipectomy procedure. In very rare cases, the patient might be administered spinal anesthesia, in which case they may be awake throughout the procedure.

The operation begins with a deep incision. The incision site is at the intersection of the lower buttocks and the back. Excess fat is removed and excess skin is trimmed away. After removal of the excess fat and skin, Dr. Parker then stitches the incisions closed with sutures.

Post-Operative Care

A belt lipectomy is a detailed operation and demands diligent post-operative care to avoid infections. This also leads to a shorter recovery process with fewer complications. Precise aftercare instructions will be provided by Dr. Parker.

When the patient wakes up from the surgery, drains will be placed under the bandaged sites to carry out excess fluids. Experiencing a degree of pain after surgery is expected and can be effectively managed with prescribed pain medication. The patient may also be required to spend the night at the hospital after surgery for recovery and observation.

It is highly recommended that the incisions are always covered to expedite healing. The doctor may also prescribe antibiotics to keep any possible infections at bay.

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