Plastic Surgery Rewards Athens

Parker Points

We are pleased to present our new Parker Plastic Surgery Loyalty Rewards Program. This program lets you earn Parker Points that can be redeemed for any of our products and services.*

How does the Loyalty Rewards Program Work?
For each $1 spent on ancillary services and products, you will earn 1 Parker Point. You can earn bonus points during promotions advertised in our emails, Facebook page or special events. Be on the lookout for these promotions and accumulate your Parker Points faster. For a complete listing of point opportunities, please see our list below.

How can I earn points?

  • 1 Parker Point for every $1 spent on products, injectables and peels
  • 500 bonus Parker Points for scheduling cosmetic surgery
  • 500 bonus Parker Points for referring friends and family members who have cosmetic surgery or ancillary procedures (make sure the person you refer has your card number so we can add your points as required).
  • 500 bonus Parker Points for purchasing gift certificates for friends and family valued at $400 and up
  • Parker Points for special promotions will vary and will be specified with each special.
  • A minimum of 2500 Loyalty Points is required to redeem your rewards.
    2,500 $125
    3,500 $175
    5,000 $250
    7,500 $375
    10,000 $500

Remember to bring your card with you to our office so we can credit or redeem your points. Simply hand it to us any time you make a purchase. Parker Points do not expire and are not transferrable. Please treat your card like cash as it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Parker Points cannot include any retroactive transactions and must be accumulated as a result of new purchases.

*Points are not redeemable for cash, may not be used for outstanding balances, and are accrued on pre-tax amounts. If a product is returned, any points accrued will be deducted. Points are not redeemable for gift card purchases. Points are not earned on dollar amounts for cosmetic surgery procedures. Points are not earned on any insurance procedures. Parker Plastic Surgery may, at its discretion, terminate or change the Parker Plastic Surgery Loyalty Rewards Program.